Make extra money by learning how to start a business from home.  There are many ways to make money from home and starting a business from home online is a lasting business that will grow into a very profitable income, if you’re willing to put forth some real effort!

Starting a business at home

may sound very scary, I know it was both scary and exciting for me. The thought of failure to me was not an option.  I was determined to make my dreams come true and have real financial independence to  support my family no matter how impossible it all seemed.

I started with affiliate article marketing about 10 years ago.  I would spend my evenings after the kids went to bed with a goal of 2 articles a night.  Sometimes it would take longer than I thought and I would only put out 1 article before being to tired to type.

I didn’t let it bring me down, I just kept pushing forward and realized if it took extra time to get real true information to my potential customers, then I was doing it right.  If you aren’t doing real research on the programs and products you’re promoting then you won’t get the sales.

It took me about 4 weeks to finally have about 100+ articles out.  I would use my extra time on weekends to write as many articles as I could.  Knowing that this wasn’t costing me anything but my time, made it very easy to keep moving forward.

Now it was time to learn how to build a website

My articles where starting to get front page indexing from Google and I was starting to see a decent amount of sales, they may have been small sales, about $13 profit per sale but I was seeing 15 sales or more per day from my article marketing campaign.

Now I needed to go to the next step of creating my home business, a website.  Let me tell ya, I was so confused with how to build a website it was beyond overwhelming.  There where so many forums and free website sites or blog sites, I couldn’t figure out what really worked and what didn’t.

WA Learn To Build Your Own Website

I must have built 10 or 15 blogs and websites on the “free” platforms that where out there.  Just to find out that if you wanted any extras to make them more successful, like getting the adds off that promoted the site/blog platforms I was using, I had to pay for it.  Usually $25 or more per month for the option.

A couple times I did pay for the service but the sites still weren’t getting the visitors because I didn’t understand SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), or how the heck to get Google and other search engines to crawl my sites and blogs.

When you put that much work and effort into something and can’t get it to be seen, it’s extremely frustrating!  I kept trucking forward and researching and using trial and error with information that I found online with some success, but not like I’d been praying for.

Prayers Do Come True

One day I was on one of the many forums I frequented, with other people just like me trying to make their mark and make money on the internet.  One of my friends on there asked me if I’d every heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

I hadn’t heard of it and asked him if it was anything like all the other platforms offering free information to get you started, to only feel abandoned when I really needed help.  He just gave me a link and said check it out for yourself.

I did what he asked and hit the link, signed up for the free access, (no credit card was needed), and started browsing through.  Overwhelmed didn’t even come close to what I was feeling, there was so much information in front of me, I didn’t know what to read first.


I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2009
I never left the community after I found it.  I can proudly say that I have just watched it’s member community grow every single day along with the wealth of information that very successful internet entrepreneurs share with everyone.


I finally had found a genuine place on the internet that was there to honestly help me build a successful website, promote it, get it indexed into Google and Yahoo along with other search engines.

Finding Wealthy Affiliate was like going back to school. The training is filled with step by step classes that have videos to walk you through step by step.

I moved all of my websites over to Wealthy Affiliates platform for hosting and went through each of them to make them profitable.  I used the course offered that taught me step by step how my website needed to be in order for the search engines to pick it up and start putting them on their search pages.

After about 6 months I had 4 websites up and running

with 1st page rankings in Google and Yahoo search engines with 2 of my websites.  I had finally learned how to use SEO properly on my websites, thanks to the learning tools at WA.   My potential customers were happy because I was offering them the exact information they were looking for.  Doing this resulted in sales and respect from my customers, which resulted in returning customers and more sales.

I have now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 8 years and I thank God every single day for my friend on the useless forum and the link he asked me to check out.  Without that and without WA I really don’t think I would have seen the success that I have been so lucky to have.

If you want to have a successful business on the internet whether you want to spend money or not, please take the time to look at WA yourself.  You don’t need money to start at WA and you don’t need money to start making money on the internet.  All you need is a dream, determination and a community of people and tools to help you learn and succeed with your dreams of starting a business from home.

Learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer here: What is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam About

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I’d love to help you anyway that I can! 🙂







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