OMG Machines
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10
Price: $7999.00
Owners: Mike Long, Gregg Morrison & David Mills


OMG (one man gang) Machines, is actually run by 3 men, Mike Long, David Mills
and Gregg Morrison.

They launched their company in 2012 stating that
they wanted to help other people with internet marketing and helping
them get top rankings in Google with there websites.

The first thing you see when you get to their Homepage is a video of Mike
Long. It appears to be taken from his phone, immediately showing off a sports
car. He then gets into the car and warns people that it may be a little
noisy when he starts his car up.

As he’s talking along all he’s talking about is affiliate marketing.
How businesses will pay to have other people promote their products
because it saves them so much money.

Mike also talks about how you need, “way less money to succeed and way
more knowledge”.  He claims that the company OMG, has helped many,many
people learn the right things about the internet so that they are screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-12-35-46-pm
making staggering incomes because due to OMG.

Mike also claims that they are going to give you the knowledge to be one
of the successes.  Not to mention that there is no other place on the
internet that offers the same information they have for you.

He continues to claim that once you verify your email address, they
only want people who can validate their email, you will have access
to the 100’s of people they have helped make incredible incomes and
success on the internet with information only they have to offer.

Who Is It For

OMG Machines is for anyone who is interested in learning
how to make big money through the internet with affiliate
marketing and out of date SEO tactics.

If you want to throw your money away on a program that
offers you a ton of outdated practices that will land you
on Googles blacklist, this is for you.

Who Benefits From This Product? 

Honestly, nobody is going to benefit from this product.
It is a huge amount of money to spend for information
that will cause you more harm than good with any business
you build on the internet.

You can get this information for free on the internet and
at a genuine Online University, Wealthy Affiliate without
even signing up with a credit card.


Learning how to build Squidoo pages to promote Amazon products.
These don’t even exist anymore, they are called Hub Pages.

You will be offered a “Magic Submitter”, which submits your articles,
blogs, press releases and videos to multiple sights automatically.
This product actually gives you 1000’s of backlinks to your sites.

Using the Magic Spinner is not a good idea at all if you want any
respects from Google. Your SEO will not go up, it will go down!

You will have multiple mp3 recordings with lessons on them.

You will be given E-books to have directions on building a
website. However they include learning how to build and
promote Squiddo pages that are non existent.

You will have access to hundreds of testimonials of great
wealth and success. (These can all be done easily by the
sellers of the products and are most likely not real).


You are suppose to get support from OMG’s Facebook page but
when I checked it out, there hadn’t been an updated post
since October 1, 2013 and only has 557 likes to the page.

Right off the bat I’d be extremely weary of this company. If
they are truly offering valuable information to their clients
and have all the thousands of success stories they claim to have,
there Facebook page would be flooded!

OMG Machine Facebook Page


For the price wouldn’t you expect something more than a bunch of dvd’s?

OMG Machines Program is $7,999.00
You can choose a 6 month or 12 month payment plan

In fact if you request a refund of this product this
is how you can expect to be treated. Follow the link
below to see exactly how they treat customers who very
kindly ask for a refund just hours after purchasing
the product and realizing it wasn’t what they needed
or expected for 8 grand…

Niko requesting a refund this is how Mike Lang handles
his customers Click Here


If you want to learn how to make an honest living on the internet
this is not the way to go. This company is out to make their
thousands of dollars from everyday hard working people like you and

Yes, they have websites all right and they’re all to sell there
program. At eight thousand dollars a pop, I have no doubt they’re
driving great cards and living the dream but they aren’t selling
a product that is going to help you succeed in the long run online.

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Below is the video you will get once you “validate” your email with OMG Machines