Building your own website is one of the best ways to make money and start your own business online.  A lot of people find it to be a daunting task when they first look at the backend of a site, (where all the magic happens), but it really isn’t hard at all.

You know all the books out there that are for dummies?  How to network for dummies, Excel for dummies, Auto repair for dummies, etc., etc.

Well consider this a “How to build a website for dummies”.  It really isn’t hard at all but it will take real effort and commitment if you want to be successful.

So if you are up for a very rewarding challenge, then please keep on reading!  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Here are the steps to building a successful money producing website:


As you can see above, there are 10 lessons that will have you up and running a real profitable website within a week.  All of these courses are available with a Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

Here is Everything The Above Courses Will Teach You:

Anyone can build a website but making a successful website that brings in an income takes a little more knowledge and insight.  The training above will show you how to build a website that is not just pretty to look at but one that search engines such as, Google, Bing and Yahoo like also.

If you don’t make the search engines happy with your website, then you won’t get your website listed when people search for your products or information.  You need to have an SEO, (search engine optimized) website that the search engines approve of.  The above courses will show you exactly how to do this and it’s done for free.

You will also learn how important genuine information on your websites attracts the search engines to you.  Google is always on the lookout for genuine, real and true information to give to their followers when they’re searching for something.  Same is true for the other search engines but Google is extremely picky.  You want Google to like you especially because they control the majority of the web as far as searching for content and products go.

Understanding how to find content to write about and how to make it SEO friendly will help you get your websites noticed and indexed in Google along with the other search engines.

All of this is covered in the course available at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s free.  You can learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer Here.  There is a paid membership as well but you won’t need it to use the above course and have the step by step instructions at your fingertips to use whenever you need.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.  Thank you for visiting!

Have a Great Day 🙂




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