Learning how to make money affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular every single day.  It has been around for as long as I can remember and there is never a shortage of products and services to promote.

Companies need affiliate marketers to promote their products because it is very cost beneficial for them.  Major companies, small companies, little ma and pop shops, they all save thousands even millions of dollars on marketing costs because of affiliate marketers.

The affiliate marketer takes it upon themselves to promote products and services for these companies and usually with a very well thought out plan because they benefit as well, with a percentage of the product sold.  This makes affiliate marketing a win – win for everyone. 😉

There are 2 great ways to make money affiliate marketing, let’s take a peek at each quickly to give you an idea about how they work.


Article Marketing

this is an excellent way to promote products with affiliate links and it won’t cost you any money to start.  It does take a little longer to see the results but this does work.

Following simple steps in your article format and writing naturally and relaxed to a potential customer, will result in sales of the products.

When you submit your articles to sites, (list of sites to follow), other sites, companies and even bloggers can publish your articles on their own sites.

When they do this your affiliate link is embedded in the article.  When someone decides to purchase the product or service, the sale is credited to you when they click your affiliate link.

Here are the top 3 Article Sitesarticle-marketing
Street Articles
Article Base
Hub Pages

To learn more about affiliate marketing through articles go to:

Article Marketing


Building Your Own Website

Building your own website may sound overwhelming but in all honesty it’s not at all.  Building a website is very simple as long as you keep it simple!

By keeping it simple I mean, you don’t need a bunch of fancy things that you think look good cluttering your website.


The 3 Most Important Components to a Website Are:

1. Relevant Content:
If your website name is “How to Get Rid of Fleas”, then your content needs to be about how to get rid of fleas. Not home electronics or even safety recalls for pet products. The customer who hits your link is searching for “how to get rid of fleas”, very important to give the consumer what they are looking for or they’ll leave immediately and you won’t have any sales.

2. Make it Easy to Navigate:
Keep your menus simple and easy for the consumer to see what you are offering on your website. If it’s to complicated to figure out how to navigate then you’re customer can be turned off and frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for. They will leave and go on to another place to find their answers or products.

3: Genuine Content:
When writing your content for your website, make sure that the information is real and that you are writing it yourself. Do not copy and paste from other resources or you will not get ranked in Google. They will pick up on it immediately and you will never come up in searches for potential customers. 

When you build your own website, you have a lot more opportunities to promote multiple products at a time.

For Example:  If your website was about weight loss you could have multiple pages about products pertaining to your Niche.  For example you could have the following pages:

  • Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Exercise Programs
  • Weight Loss Supplements


Now with these 4 pages you can compare multiple products and services with your affiliate links. Almost everything is available to sell through affiliate marketing.

Here are some examples of products you can sell through your affiliate links for the above pages:

  • Bowflex
  • Total Gym
  • Beachbody
  • Hello Fresh
  • Nutrisystem
  • Diet to Go
  • Atkins
  • Meal Time Box
  • Blue Apron
  • Graze

Type in anything that pertains to weight loss,

like Blue Apron, and follow it with “affiliate program”, like this, Blue Apron Affiliate Program.  Below is one of the results found through Google, all you would do is click the link and sign up!

As you research the products and/or services that you would like to promote, write them down in a notebook. It is very easy to become overwhelmed quickly and forget where you have applied to become an affiliate. If you write down all of the companies that you apply to, it will be much easier to keep track of your affiliate links for your campaigns.

Now go ahead and start researching what types of products appeal to you and that you would like to promote. Take your time and do some research about anything that you would enjoy promoting to other potential customers.

After you have found some products and services that you are interested in, move forward and learn to build a website to easily promote the products and services with your affiliate links or learn more about article marketing and get your campaigns started.

Learn How to Build Your Own Website Here

Get Started With Your Article Marketing Campaign Here

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, I will get back to you ASAP 🙂



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