Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am going to help you realize how easy it can be to start your own home business just like me.

I started playing on the internet about 10 years ago
wanting to make some extra money for our family.  I
worked at home running a daycare so that I could be
home with my kids and needed just a little more money
to fund all the kids sports and after school activities.

I knew that there had to be a way to make extra cash through the internet!

I started with article marketing, writing reviews on products and adding affiliate links to products that I would get a percentage of the profit it someone bought the product through my links.  With a lot of trial and error I finally started seeing profits of about $10-$ 45 per sale.

To make my first sale it did take me about a month after my first article was published.  By then I had written about 100 articles on all different kinds of products and about half of them where showing up on the first pages of Google and Yahoo search engines.

This was very exciting for me and showed me the potential to make a real home business online was very possible with determination and hard work.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m still making money on the internet through many different ways.  I no longer have my daycare, I actually closed it 8 years ago and went full time doing internet marketing.

I knew that I could make a full time income online

and I thank God everyday for giving me the strength and determination to keep pushing forward and never giving up.  I was looking to make some extra money online for my family and it has turned into a very comfortable income that started supporting my family after the first 12 months.

I do still write articles promoting products but now the articles are pointing to my own websites, where I promote different services and products for people just like you.

This is a lot of work, I’m not saying that this is a quick way to make money but it’s also a lot of fun and the products and services I promote are things that interest me.

Promoting things that are interesting to me

makes it enjoyable doing the research and telling other people about them. In return they purchase products through my links and get the knowledge on products they are looking for.

I am looking forward to helping you learn how to start a business from home

just like me  and making it a full time income that can truly sustain you for the rest of your life. With determination and hard work you will make your dreams come true and you will learn just like me that the internet has endless opportunities for every single one of us!

Thank you for reading a little about me and I’m
looking forward to getting to know you and about
all the successes that are going to be blessing
your life!

If you need any help with anything, please
leave me a message below. I would love to
help you with anything you may need or any
questions you may have 🙂




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